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Feedback has suggested that the free brain-dominance tests provided below are inaccurate. The complexities of the the brain, coupled with the powerful, sometimes dominating effects of cultural programming (e.g., education, experience, and emotional considerations) make it difficult for simple tests such as these to accurately measure the activities of the human brain. I cannot assure you that even paid tests will give you an accurate reading. Therefore, I no longer recommend these test. Use at your own discretion. —James Olson

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Treasure Beach day three

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Treasure Beach     September 24, 2012

Although the attached photo was taken in the late evening during a brief storm and makes the beach look cool, it’s still hot in Jamaica in late September. That must be good for papaya because the ones I have had are the best I have ever tasted. I’ll try to find some good ones at my local market when I get back, but know that I will be disappointed.

Treasure Beach day two


Treasure Beach, Jamaica     September 23, 2012

I met Stanley on Treasure Beach this morning. Stanley proved to be a treasure for me. He wore a big bulging cap which told me he had dreadlocks. Wish I had had my camera. It’s funny how these things happen. But I had to hunt for my treasure. I could easily have overlooked it. 

Thoughts from Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach, Jamaica    Sept 22, 2012

After three busy days in Kingston pointing out that we are born with a natural bias as a result of brain dominance and that this has a polarizing effect on culture, I retreated to a villa on the beach and for the first time in a long time I was eager to get up at the crack of dawn and embrace life. Amazing how much easier it can be when there is nothing to do but play. My Jamaican host insists that all of life is play, but I am a difficult convert. 

Kingston, Jamaica Sept 21, 2012


On my journey around Jamaica I’ve been impressed with the spirit of the people I have met. I’m sure there must be exceptions, but the people I have met, mostly students and government officials, have all been spiritually rich. 

The Path to Peace Led to Jamaica

Sept 20, 2012 Kingston, Jamaica
Hey Mon! Greetings from Jamaica. I’m here on a teaching tour sharing my insights into the effects of whole-brain thinking on perception, and consequently on behavior, meeting with some of the leading people and institutions.

Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a day on which we salute the honorable men and women in uniform, along with their families, who have given their lives in the pursuit of freedom.  As we pay our respects to them, let us also remember the men, women and families who wear no uniform, but have also sacrificed greatly in the pursuit of freedom— casualties of the drug war. 



Drug war violence inflicts immense suffering on individuals, families, and communities. Science shows that cannabis is much less harmful than alcohol, and about equal with caffeine. Those who believe in science should be asking why it is that cannabis, a medicine used around the world for centuries, is so feared that it is categorized as having no value, and a reason to imprison our brothers and sisters for its possession. Follow the money.

Media Bias ~ The Left Brain’s Domain

Is it just me, or have you noticed that most claims of bias seem to be coming from the conservative camp? If so, that would make sense in terms of the way the split brain processes information. 

The left brain gives us the details, so it is naturally focused on the finer points of where a speaker might be positioned on the conservative-liberal continuum .

The left brain, conservative in nature, is also in charge of our security, including that of our beliefs, so its job is to challenge assertions and fight for what it believes.

Media Bias ~ Expanding Our Perspective

Movement through time is experientially expansive. Humanity’s great steps forward have always been viewed at the time as liberal, only later to be adopted as conservative values: freedom of the slaves, women’s rights, and minority rights are some examples. And who is out there engaging those at the forefront of this wave of change and being the first to learn from radical new perspectives? Reporters.