Gender and
Sexual Orientation


Gender Fluidity: The Brain’s 16 Genders

Dualistic Faces

Our gender behaviors are a response of the brain. In particular, gender has its roots in the operating systems of the right and left hemispheres, the systems that operate/mange the various functions of the brain. These radically different but complementary operating systems supply us with default behaviors, gender being one of them.

Regardless of our sex, our right hemisphere conveys feminine behaviors and our left hemisphere conveys masculine behaviors, and in most of us, one of them will be dominant. But gender is more complex than this. Some of us are guided through life by a system that is an integration of feminine and masculine characteristics. I have discovered that feminine and masculine systems, alone and combined, result in sixteen different genders. If you would like to learn more, click on the following links, ideally in this order:

—Gender’s Four Variations

—Gender’s Sixteen Variations

Thirty-Two Variations in Sexual Orientation

Our sexual orientation is a reflection of the combination of our gender and our sex; males have a different sexual orientation than females, regardless of gender. To learn more about how the brain and body combine to produce thirty-two variations in sexual orientation, including homosexuality, check out the following link or the condensed explanation below:

—The Thirty-Two Sexual Orientations

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Olson’s Model of Sexual Orientation SUGGESTS:

  • Each brain hemisphere houses its own independent operating/management system with its own clearly defined operational characteristics. These characteristics reflect the qualities we associate with gender.

  • Our brain’s operating system, and the gender it gives us, is determined by genetic dominance, which consists of complete dominance, incomplete dominance, and codominance.

  • Complete dominance gives us either a masculine or a feminine gender. Incomplete dominance creates a mixture of the two. Codominance establishes a team gender and creates bisexuality.

  • Homosexuality results when brain dominance is reversed, i.e., when males are informed by the feminine side of the brain, or females are informed by the masculine side.

  • Because information input is independent of information output, and both input and output are characterized by one of four genders, we can inherit any one of sixteen possible gender combinations (4x4=16).


—Gender's Four Variations

—Gender's Sixteen Variations

—The Thirty-Two Sexual Orientations


Click Here for more information on the 32 Variations on Sexual Orientation Table.

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