“The author’s multidisciplinary approach harnesses neuroscience, philosophy, and careful observation . . . Olson’s tone and style is clear, concise, and accessible across academic realms and areas of interest. Audiences will have much to ponder and apply as they better understand the functions of their own brains―and how those elements affect their perceptions of the world. . . [Olson’s book] offers a thoughtful message of hope that transcends today’s polarizing culture.” 

― Foreword Reviews

Energy Times

The Brain and Society

In a world wracked by seemingly intractable hatreds and divisions, it may seem odd to focus on brain function as the key to healing societal ills. But that's the premise of How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save the Future….Our world depends too much on logical, analytical left-brain thinking. This leads to excessive dualism, a polarizing, my-way-or-the-highway approach to life that leaves people in perpetual opposition to one another. As a result, [Olson] says, "the right brain's intuitive abilities and expressions become weakened and distorted"….Harmony is crucial to breaking the dualistic deadlock and creating peace both individually and collectively.

Whole Life Times

Readers may find James Olson’s book to be especially timely as 2017ushers in what seems to be a new era of left-brained leadership. For some, How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save the Future might even become a handbook for understanding how we got here and, more importantly, how we can move forward to a more balanced future. There are many books on the brain, but this tome stands apart.